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Dr. Lenzy Wallace


  • From No to On (releases 2016)

Lenzy R. Wallace, Jr., Ph.D., an African American, has had three successful careers, often having to overcome numerous obstacles. Now at 88 years of age, he wishes to share his story and careers as a music educator in the public school system, a management trainer in the corporate arena and, director of a division and an associate dean in academia. In addition, he provided consultant services to various organizations helping them to work more efficiently.

Dr. Wallace, a WWIl Navy Vet, reflects on his life as a late bloomer, dropping out of college when he ran out of GI Bill, raising a family, working odd jobs, and taking 15 years to achieve his dream of a bachelor's degree. This accomplishment was followed by a master's degree and a Ph.D. later in life. His story is about succeeding despite the odds and life's detours. He hopes his story will inspire people of all races who struggle in the quest for their dreams.

Dr. Wallace is available for seminars, workshops and keynotes based upon his book From NO to ON.


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