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Vivian Timmins ancestral roots are from the O'Mushkegowuk territory areas located geographically on the western shores of James Bay, Ontario. Her tribal affiliation consists of seven communities belonging to the Mushkegowuk Indigenous grouping of which is part of the Cree Nation Confederacy that begins on the eastern shores of James Bay, Quebec, along the west James Bay a previously mention and then going westward into the northern woodlands of the provinces Ontario and of Manitoba. As well, the confederacy entrenches itself into the provinces of northern Saskatchewan and Alberta ending at the foot hills of the Rocky Mountains.

Although, she is a registered member with the Constance Lake First Nation in north central Ontario, she has never forgotten the James Bay communities of Attawapiskat and Fort Albany, ON of where her parents originated. It was also through her parents and grandparent's excellent knowledge and skills attachments to the land that subconsciously seeded her present heritage of valuing ceremonial practices.

Due to numerous traumatic experiences from childhood, youth and young adult eras Vivian went through numerous challenges. As she entered the adult stage and becoming a parent herself, Ms. Timmins inner Spiritual roots took hold of life and the true journey of personal self wholistic healing truly began. However, before reaching that plateau Vivian battled through relationships and negative addictions. Unknowingly, the Great Creator placed some important people into her life. It is with that deep Spiritual embracement, and vision, she was able to reconnect and with truthfulness of engagement, she is constructing ongoing relationships who are near and dear to her; her husband Jim, her two daughters and son. Also, she is a devoted grandmother based with the Seven Grandfathers Teachings. With Spiritual affirmation, Vivian is determined her grandchildren will not grow up in a world of confusion and of identity crises. In order to assist with their future development, she has set the example of achieving high school achievement, plus two college accreditations: native Community Care, Counselling and Development, and Social Service Worker. She has earned a university Bachelor of Social Work degree. Currently, Vivian is now working towards and will complete her Master Program degree. As she thirsts for newer education values and plateaus pressing forward Ms. Timmins is indeed a leader and a warrior completed by right passages of humility has certainly enriched the Indigenous community.


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