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Mary Romero


  • The Breakdown of An All American Family

Seminars or Keynote Topics

  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Conflict Resolution

Area of Expertise:

  • 20+ years of experience in working with juvenile/adult relationships and conflict resolution processes. Extensive experience in working with behaviorally challenged children, and working with individuals to leave the past where it belongs and live in the here and now. Trained in Dialectic Behavior Therapy to help replace unhealthy thought processes.

Mary M. Romero, an active Life Coach and child advocate, is the author of several published pieces of literature that have been featured in various outlets ranging from parenting websites to college Literary Reviews. Mary holds her AAS in Human Services and Police Science, CSC for Substance Abuse Assistance, CSC in Administration of Justice and is trained in Dialect Behavior therapy. The genuine and authentic nature of her writing stems from a past that allows her to connect with other victims and survivors of childhood trauma. Today, Mary draws her inspiration from her three daughters, knowing that the youth of our society are the leaders of tomorrow. Mary lives in Richmond, Virginia with her children and husband of 18 years.

Mary started working with the juvenile population over twenty four years ago in an effort to help effect change after working in the legal field and then becoming an undercover detective. Her dedication and determination to help stop abuses of children and adults alike has made her an expert in her field. In her free time, Mary enjoys relaxed evenings with her family, music, dancing, and being grateful for the simple things in life.


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