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Company Name: The Progress Consultancy

Address:    P O Box 1397
Surfers Paradise Q 4217
Telephone:    +61 7 5528 5255
Catherine Palin-Brinkworth


  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Change
  • Inspiration
  • Motivation
  • Goal setting

Books Authored:

  • What Is Success, Anyway?
  • Secrets of Inspiring Leaders Exposed
  • Spirituality in the Workplace
  • 22 Essentials for Building Your Best Business

Seminars and topics offered:

Inspirational Conference Keynote

What do you think you are?

  • recognize your Glass Cage©
  • rediscover your achievements
  • remember your flexibility
  • relish your magnificence

Interactive Presentations (1-3 hrs)

Aligning Purpose, Power and Possibilities

  • how people give their all when they find meaning – the identification of our PURPOSE
  • collaboration, consultation, negotiation, motivation – bringing meaning and purpose together
  • how to tap into real POWER - our capacity to conquer obstacles and reach our goals with wisdom
  • building individual and group power – managing the spectrum between anarchy and suppression
  • making POSSIBILITIES real, with strong self-worth, agreement and an action plan
  • the Three Laws of Intelligent Leadership that make this possible, and how to use them

Intelligent Leadership

  • Who are the leaders, anyway?
  • Catherine's Three Laws Of Intelligent Leadership
  • the AND factor - the pathway through paradox and complexity
  • the three reasons people fail – and how to beat them
  • the real meaning of real leadership – and what all followers need from you
  • the BEST system for building trust and developing full engagement

Business Bounce-Back – from Flat to Flat-Out

  • the reality of business cycles and our response
  • the six core functions for a successful business
  • what happens when you forget one – and how to fix it
  • the essential ingredient that makes it work, no matter what
  • the one thing – the only thing - you need to do to bounce back

Powerful Influence – Build it, Hold it, Use it

  • the universal and inescapable issue of influence
  • the Test Tell Try formula and why it just doesn't work
  • the BEST Influencing System and how to use it in leadership, sales, and life itself
  • core values, qualities, attitudes and habits that make it happen easily for you
  • the Underminers to avoid
  • the awesome Power of Belief

Navigating the Unknown

  • the ups and downs of trailblazing in your environment
  • high speed decision making strategies to help cut through confusion
  • 5 Chaos Crunchers to get through any challenge
  • essential energy management strategies for mental and emotional resilience

Moving Forward, Letting Go, Managing Change

  • the key determinant of successful change and how to create it
  • aligning values and boundaries, goals and priorities
  • ensuring shared vision, clarity and focus
  • discover the restrictive barriers of your individual and collective Glass Cage
  • how to beat anything through Mindshift© and your brain chemistry
  • getting creative commitment not reactive response

Training Programs (1-2 days)

  • The BEST Business Building System
  • The BEST Coaching System
  • The BEST Communication Skills System
  • The BEST Conflict Management System
  • The BEST Cross Cultural Communication Program
  • The BEST Customer Service System
  • The BEST Influencing and Negotiating Skills Program
  • The BEST Leadership Development Program
  • The BEST Leadership Fundamentals
  • The BEST Meetings Management System
  • The BEST Negotiation Skills and Strategies Program
  • The BEST Presentation Skills Program
  • The BEST Sales Management Program
  • The BEST Selling System
  • The BEST Survival System for Contact Centres
  • The BEST Team Building Program
  • The BEST Telemarketing System
  • The BEST Telephone Negotiating System
  • The BEST Teleselling Syste

Catherine Palin-Brinkworth is known for her powerful presence, her inspirational energy, her wisdom and insight - and she is booked repeatedly by her clients for the impact she has on their people. Catherine brings warmth, energy and engagement to events - and audiences love her. Leaders lift their sights, morale grows, and improving productivity gets easier, as Catherine brings her proven performance processes to life on the platform.

Her successful business background has given her a wealth of experience to share, while she guides people towards identifying their unique strengths and their inner power, inspiring them to lift their beliefs, expand their sense of the possible and create their own sustainable success drive. She builds blueprints for breakthrough and provides the 'power tools' needed for progress.

Catherine lives her message of leadership and evolution, developing businesses and managing change. Her ability to connect with people to bring about significant mindshifts and positive behavioral change has kept her in demand within Australia and internationally as a professional speaker for the last 2 decades.

She's a former National President of the National Speakers Association of Australia, International President of the Global Speakers Federation, and Non-Executive Chairman of accounting firm Horwath in Brisbane - proving her own leadership capacity. She holds the highest international designation for professional speakers, Certified Speaking Professional. A Masters Degree in Applied Science (Social Ecology), Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and Masters Certification in NLP help her add value.

Catherine's work is themed for each client and can be designed around requests from her current topics.

Ideal Audiences

Boards and senior management teams looking for fresh leadership ideas and approaches, managers and leaders at all levels, SME owners operators and managers, franchisees, sales people who want to break performance barriers, organizations experiencing operational or cultural change.

Catherine's extensive management and consulting experience has proven that real shifts happen with deeper engagement and added reinforcement. Her services can include diagnostic evaluation, cultural assessments, add-on master classes, private workshops and consulting sessions, e-coaching and continuing tele-support. She can tailor an optimal program for you, with a range of choices to meet your goals and budget.


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