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Company Name: Cosimina - Image Specialist

Address:    P.O. Box 443
Beecroft NSW 2119
Phone:   +61 2 94847976

Cosimina Nesci

Area of Expertise:

Cosimina has developed a broad expertise in design fundamentals such as shape, line and colour - an expertise which now enriches her work with developing and creating individuals personal and professional image. Her background in graphics allows her to build and enhance corporate branding through employee branding.

Seminars or Keynote Topics:

  • Dressing for impact and success
  • Mastering professional dress codes
  • Discovering business etiquette and social protocols
  • Crafting the right interview image
  • Boosting assertiveness
  • Raising self-confidence
  • Understanding personal communication
  • Interpreting body language
  • Honing telephone techniques
  • Perfecting networking skills
  • Improving client service
  • Company branding through employee excellence

Cosimina Nesci is an image consultant who is passionate about helping others realise their potential by looking and feeling their absolute best. For over seven years she has transformed the lives of private clients and worked with organisations as varied as large retailers, government departments, legal firms, community groups and schools.

Degree qualified in mathematics, Cosimina channelled her superb eye for detail into an international career in the graphic design and print industries. During these years she developed a broad expertise in design fundamentals such as shape, line, and colour – an expertise that now enriches her work as an image specialist.

On her return to Australia, she studied with some of the country's top image consultants, acquiring invaluable knowledge that she continues to build on in her one-on-one consultations and highly entertaining group presentations and workshops.

Cosimina's wide range of services cover all aspects of professional and personal presentation and can be tailored to suit her clients' needs.

Cosimina prefers a collaborative, down-to-earth approach that helps her clients discover their own personal style in a relaxed and friendly environment. Her clients leave feeling confident, capable and primed for success.

Cosimina also brings a special perspective to her consultancy practice. As the mother of two school-age children, she has first-hand knowledge of the very different ways in which students today communicate, interact and learn. She also understands the particular challenges young people face in a competitive job market. Cosimina has skilfully used these insights to develop interview presentations that appeal to a creative, media-savvy generation.


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