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Judy Klemos

Conflict Resolution
Metaphysical Illness and Healing
Overcoming Trauma and Tragedy
Effective Communication

Books Authored:

  • Strongest In Our Broken Places

Seminars and topics offered:

  • Healthy Relationship Building
  • What Is Your Body Telling You?
  • Create The Life You Desire
  • Raising Healthy Kids
  • Disrupting Your Inherited Programming

Judy was born, raised and has lived most of her life in and around Chicago, Illinois, then moved to the Detroit area to begin a new life with her beloved. From walking with those diagnosed as terminal in hospice, establishing cutting edge Alzheimer's programming, to providing all aspects of care for those with intellectual disabilities, she has gleaned much wisdom on life and overcoming its challenges. Her book, Strongest In Our Broken Places, shares her story, wisdom, insights and tools for transforming your life.

Along the way, Judy discovered her gift for holistic healing. She received certifications in Therapeutic Touch and Reiki and combined this with her knowledge of crystals, QiGong, intuitive healing and meditation. She developed a system she calls Ecclectic Energies™ to provide relief to many. Using the model of the mind, body and spirit as a unit, rather than three divisions, she facilitates healing in those who desire a more unified and enlightened experience of life.

Her professional social work experience, healing work and a lifetime of personal challenges have led her to embrace the philosophy that who we become through our experiences is more important than the experiences themselves. Presently, she puts all of this together in a thoughtful, inspiring and enchanting encounter desiring to continue to touch more lives by assisting groups, couples and individuals transform their lives. Topics include but are not limited to trauma, relationships, sex, employment, and holistic health.


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