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Dr. Rosie Mills


  • Remove the Mask! Living an Authentic Life
  • Derailed: Encouragement for Getting Your Life Back on Track

Areas of Expertise:

  • Relationship Counseling
  • Mental Health
  • Program Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Development Coaching

Kelli, is the Founder of Ambiance Coaching, fulfilling her lifelong dream as a personal development coach, motivational speaker and spiritual advisor. As an International author, speaker, spiritual teacher, and natural motivator, she desires to see everyone live “Their Best Life”. Her passion and zeal for purposeful living is contagious. As a speaker, it is said she knows how to speak to ‘the soul’ of the individual, as she is known to tastefully strike emotional chords while providing practical insight and tools for everyday living.

Kelli was awarded an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and a Master’s degree in Human Service Counseling - Marriage and Family Specialization. She is no stranger to working with hurting individuals and communities. As a health services professional, she has and continues to manage and provide oversight to numerous non-profit programs. As both a Business Leader and Personal Development Trainer/Coach, she employs the belief that one should consistently work on developing themselves.

She is best known as having the unique ability to identify with her audience. Her mission is simple; to awaken that one who is sleeping and let them know, Greatness is inside of them!

Beyond inspiring individuals that there is a better tomorrow, she finds fulfillment in walking alongside, coaching them to the finish line.  

In December 1997, Kelli founded Ambiance Women’s Newsletter and inspirational seminars, where she continues to be the Chief Editor and Publisher. As Creator of Ambiance Coaching, she conducts seminars and workshops designed to meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of individuals. Having over 15 years’ experience in the field of Mental Health and Counseling, she adds a unique approach in helping individuals identify and work through life’s challenges.

Her passion is to see people move into their purpose. “Everyone has purpose, my assignment is to help them move into it”.


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