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Lisa Greer


  • Baby Boomers: Secrets for Life After Fifty

Areas of Expertise:

  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development
  • Career Growth
  • Networking & Personal Branding
  • Career Coaching

Certifications & Training:

  • Associate's Degree in Paralegal Studies
  • Women's Issues & Diversity International Coaching Certification
  • Women's Leadership Coaching Certification
  • Marketing, Branding and Image

Seminars or Keynote Topics:

Designed to impart positive energy and promote confidence and affirmation of value. These topics are tailored to provide a thought provoking toolkit to understand the importance of self worth and better understand your place in this world. A stronger, more confident you will bring greater value to your family and loved ones, your employer, your clients and the world around you.

  • Age is Just a Frame of Mind
  • Get Your Ego On, Without the Arrogance
  • Who Defines You, and How Will You Redefine Yourself?
  • At the Intersection of Personal & Professional
  • Directing your Career Growth
  • Reset Your Life: Changing Careers at any Age
  • How to Stay Energized when Your Career Seems to be Stagnating
  • Gossips, Drama Queens, Control Freaks and Negaholics: Diffusing destructive mindsets
  • Not Everyone Wants to be CEO: Right-sizing your career
  • Life Lessons I Learned from a 3 Year Old


Whether you're a business owner, or work for an organization, these are designed to provide resources and concepts that will facilitate goal setting and achievement.


Learn how to bring greater value to your organization by bringing to the table a better understanding of how you can positively impact the business in your company, and in turn set yourself up for career growth. Learn how to build valuable relationships, collaborate on concepts, and share your knowledge in a way that will give your career a boost.

  • Owning Your Career: Setting Yourself Up For Success
  • Finding Your Passion and Making it Your Profession
  • Networking & Building Relationships
  • What it Means to Brand Yourself
  • Planning Emotionally for Retirement
  • Reflecting What‚s on the Inside With the Outward Appearance
  • Understanding How Personal & Professional Intersect & Making That Work to Your Advantage
  • Branding Yourself as a Competent Professional
  • Navigating the Corporate Ladder
  • Negotiation Tactics: The Art of Collaboration
  • Asking For What You Want and Getting It!


The workshops below are designed to focus on specific issues that are common in all business environments. Even if you are a small business, with a few employees, you may be tasked with signing contracts, building relationships for a customer base, or resolving conflicts. The workshops below are designed to increase effectiveness in dealing with those situations in inherent in our daily business world.

  • Business Writing
  • Understanding Contract Language & Risks
  • Conflict Management
  • Identifying Contract Risks
  • Bringing Value that Impacts the Business
  • Building presentation skills
  • Building Business Relationships
  • Bridging Age Gaps in the Workplace

Olive Tree Enterprises, LLC is a company focused on coaching individuals with a holistic approach. Who we are personally reflects in who we are professionally. To develop one without developing the other is not only a disservice to you, but to your company, your family and those around you. We teach you about developing both in parallel, so you will be at your best in any setting.

I am Lisa Greer, founder and CEO of Olive Tree Enterprises. I have been in the workforce for over thirty years, both in the private and public sector with over a decade working for a fortune 250 company. About 10 years ago, out of my passion for helping others find theirs, I developed Olive Tree. My speaking and coaching business is focused on helping individuals find the "why" behind the "you". Throughout my life, I've encountered people who try to put definitions around who they think we are. When that happens, we start to believe it, and others start to believe it, too. Then we become who we are not. My goal is to help you change that mindset and help you define who you are and what you are passionate about. This is key to success and happiness in life. Dolly Parton said, "Figure out who you are, and do it on purpose". I'm here to help you with that and provide tools to set you up for success in redirecting your life.


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