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Fabiola R. Delgado


  • Behind the Mask: The Many Faces of Bullying
  • Your Personal GPS: How to Navigate Life Challenges & Roadblocks (releases 2016)

Fabiola R. Delgado is a charismatic Venezuelan who has held numerous and interesting job titles, some of them as unusual as Tribal Bellydancer and Aerial silk performer. She is a certified attorney in her home country, specialized in Human and Women's Rights, but has worked as an Art Gallery Sub-manager, a Kindergarten Teacher, a Sales Manager for an International Education Company, a Researcher for a Gender Studies Think Tank, and even a Wedding singer.

Her years of of engagement to social activism gave her a reputation of leadership and commitment to human rights in her country, which derived in her designation as the first Coordinator of Amnesty International in the region of Carabobo, Venezuela, for which she designed and led educational projects and human rights campaigns. She juggled Law School, clinics, internships, hobbies, performances and serious jobs before the age of 21.

She has participated as a co-researcher in projects financed by the University of Carabobo, co-authored articles related to Women's Rights, and has been a guest speaker at national and international Conferences on Education, Ethic and Values, and Gender Equality.

Her desire for adventure led her to incredible solo travels, with just a couple Dollars in her bank account, where she picked up several languages, and from every experience, she took the learned lessons to exercise new, creative ways to approach life challenges. One of her most important episodes so far, has been her 2 year cultural exchange program in America where she worked as an Au Pair, and the different phases she went through, both high and low, challenged her to confront the established cultural norms regarding social status, questioning what we consider "valuable" occupations, and inspired her to write the chapter "In their shoes" of the book "Behind the mask! The many faces of bullying".



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