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Angela R. Clack

Area of Expertise:

  • Intrapersonal Development
  • Empowerment Coach & Consultant
  • Self-Awareness, Self Esteem and Image Building

Books Authored:

  • Co Author of Breaking Free: Overcoming Self- Sabotage.
    • Chapter title: Learning to Love Yourself: "Healing from the Inside Out‰ (2013)
  • The Power of God Daily Devotional 2013

Seminars or Keynote Topics

  • African American Women & Depression
  • Balancing Act ~ (Empowering Individuals to Live a Balanced Life)
  • What's Eating You? ~ Emotional Eating...Are Poor Eating Habits and Unhealthy Food Choices Reflective of Your Emotional Life

Dr. Angela Roman Clack is CEO of Woman's Empowerment Group International, LLC, an international coaching organization created to empower women to achieve their personal and professional goals in business and in their personal lives. Dr. Clack is a Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor practicing in the state of New Jersey. Dr. Clack earned her doctorate in 2002 with a degree in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University, Washington, D.C.

Dr. Clack is known for her ability to teach, supervise, coach and provide training in various areas pertaining to children, youth, and their families. Along with her training and teaching abilities, she has also mastered the subject area and is making a massive impact in her community in reducing the stigma of people of color who seek mental health treatment.

Faceted in the profession of mental health for greater than 20 years, Dr. Clack has developed and maintained her specialty arena which has included training direct care counselors, social workers, and juvenile detention workers on topics such as suicide awareness and prevention, managing challenging youth with mental illness, sexuality and the sexualized child, social skills and effective communication.

Currently, Dr. Clack's private practice treats adults and youth suffering from depression, anxiety, grief/loss, as well as general emotional distress and relationship/interpersonal problems. Dr. Clack's passion has been to provide emotional support and to empower women who are experiencing emotional distress and feelings of low self-worth.

Dr. Clack's approach to providing clinical care consists of teaching individuals to recognize maladaptive patterns in their thinking and behaviors that have resulted in inefficient emotional and behavioral functioning. Through her work with her clients she seeks to empower individuals to live life to their fullest potential!



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