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Judith Carmody

Areas of Expertise:

  • The Art of Self-Expression
  • Communication Skills
  • Self-Awareness


  • Co-Bully No More


  • Mirror of Light


  • Poets & Dreamers
  • Striking a Chord

Judith is a CPA, (Certified Public Accountant), Master's Degree Level, and a published Author and Poet.  She has a foundation in counselling and has completed a research thesis in Communication and Self-Awareness. She uses her experiences in the Irish School System and Corporate workplaces in Ireland, Boston, and London to explore social, communication and Human Resource systems.

Judith is from Co Kerry, Ireland where the landscape greets the Atlantic Ocean in its Divinity.  It has given her the spirit, space and light to write. Treasures that light your treasures within.

Judith has over thirty years' experience working in diverse and in multi-cultural environments.  This has given her a great insight into assertive and non-assertive, healthy and unhealthy environments.  She introduces awareness and skills to survive and thrive in both.  She also creates the awareness that there is support and information available to develop skills to self-manage in challenging relationships.  She introduces the term co-bully so people can identify, create awareness of their passive role in relationships and through the POWER OF CHOICE develop skills to change this pattern.  It also creates awareness of communicators who negatively impact on others, as they too can develop skills and choose "not to diminish people" in their relationships.  This will open up a clear understanding and a separate path to embrace and begin their journey to safely cherish their personal self-empowerment, self-value and self-awareness.  Awareness comes before change.  Through self-expression begin a new journey with freedom to self-create and self-love.



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