Lisa Bradley
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Company Name: Evolve International Consulting
Lisa Bradley


Wellness for the African American Women: Mind, Body & Spirit (March 2009)


  • BS in Marketing
  • Master’s of Science in Marketing and Master of Business Administration (in progress)
  • Christian Counseling and Discipleship studies


  • Certified Women’s Issue Trainer
  • Certified Empowerment & Transformational Coach
  • Project Manager Professional
  • Master’s Certificate in Project Management

Lisa Bradley has a passion for motivating others to succeed in life. This passion has become her mission. Through conducting seminars and providing personal coaching sessions, Lisa assists people on their personal evolutionary road.

Change in life is inevitable and Lisa embraces change. Change leads to growth and growth leads to an exciting life. An exciting life is a life lived to its fullness. Lisa’s experience in embracing change is proven with over 20 years of success while seeking out challenges in different industries. Lisa has been a licensed real estate agent for over 20 years and owned a beauty salon for five years. Currently, Lisa is a Project Manager in the telecommunication industry. When not leading projects, Lisa performs self-development training as well as transformational coaching sessions. Lisa and her professional associates are committed to providing specialized self-development seminars and coaching services to clients.

Lisa believes there are very important keys to achieving evolutionary growth. The keys are are faith, belief in self, vision, planning, education, hard work, perseverance, monitoring your progress and living a balanced life. Lisa Bradley looks forward to helping millions of people grow to prosper. President Barack Obama says “Yes, we can!” Lisa Bradley says “Yes, you can do it, now let’s go!”

Lisa grew up in Northern Virginia and now resides in Maryland with her husband Les. Lisa enjoys playing golf, singing, reading, dancing, exercising, traveling and helping others.


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