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Company Name: New Beginnings Consulting Group L.L.C. For Self-Discovery & Transformation

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 Christell Benson


Women's Journey to Wellness: Mind, Body & Spirit


Employee - Team Productivity
Women's Issues
Motivational Empowerment
Inspirational - Emotional Fitness
Stress and Time Management

Seminars and topics offered:

  • Emotional Wellness for Women
  • "Thought for Change"
    "The 12 Faces of Eve (Discovering Your Authentic Self)
    "Picking Up the Pieces and Moving On"
    "Stop Giving Your Power Away to Other People"
    "Aged to Perfection" (Aging Gracefully)
    "What is that Scent You're Wearing?"

  • Assertiveness Skills
  • "What are Your Priorities"?
    "Living your Life Like It's Golden" (Awakening your Ultimate Potential)

  • First Impressions

    "Who are you trying to impress?"

  • Health and Wellness

    "The Body Is the Servant of the Mind"
    "What is that Scent You're wearing?"
    "Can You Hear Me Now?" (Getting Rid of Mental Clutter)
    "If Your Mouth Doesn't Speak It, Your Body Will"

As founder and president of New Beginnings Consulting Group for Self-Discovery and Transformation L.L.C. Christell Engram-Benson is a passionate advocate of women's self-empowerment and life balance issues. Ms. Benson offers special expertise in dealing with transition and change in the workplace and personal level, as well as addressing those of the baby-boomers generation. She is a certified trainer in the areas of diversity, women's issues and wellness for women and is a certified life coach through the Professional Woman Network (PWN), for seminars and innovative solutions designed and tailored specifically for the goals and objective of your organization for Team Building, Diversity issues, Self Esteem, Communication Skills, Customer Services and Sales.

Ms Benson is a Women's Ministry/Retreat Speaker, Poet, piano player and singer she enjoys writing and has co-authored Women's Journey to Wellness Mind, Body & Spirit, and will be co-authoring another book entitled, The Baby Boomer's Handbook for Women due to be published in 2008 and is a part of the Professional Woman Network Book Series.

Ms. Benson was born in Orlando, Fla. and has lived in Montana for over 20 years; she enjoys giving back to her community and has involvement with numerous non-profit local and national organizations where she continually develops others in areas of pursuing their passion. She is a graduate of Florida College of Natural Health.

She is also a member of the Professional Woman Speaker Bureau, and is available to present workshops, seminars, and keynote speeches to churches, schools, colleges, businesses and corporations, on such topics as Diversity & Multiculturalism, Stress management, Corporate Image, Business Etiquette, Self-Esteem, and Professionalism.

Benson's high-impact keynotes and workshops are empowering, effective, engaging, informative and memorable. Benson acts as a creative catalyst to challenge current thinking, reframe the opportunities and generate remarkable results.

Her Motto is: Empower yourself to do more, grow more, believe more to make a difference.

Ms. Benson is available on a national and international basis.


For more information contact:

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